Stop the condo building in Caledon East!

Stop the condo building in Caledon East!

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Caledon East is changing - and changing fast. Sometimes change can be for the better, but other times it isn't what's best for the community. Caledon East needs to make its voice heard to STOP the plan and zoning amendment for the property on the corner of Old Church Road and Atchison Drive - the vacant lot across from city hall. 

The lot was originally going to be a commercial unit and town square, however the developer has filed an application with the town to increase the the height of the unit and put in underground parking. The developer wants to create an 85 unit condo building. We don't need condos - we need green space - a space for our community. 

This is not a done deal. We have a chance to stop this amendment. But your voice needs to be heard. Sign this petition and it will be brought forward to council. Even better, send the petition letter included to let the Town of Caledon know that you oppose this amendment. 

Your voice needs to be heard to stop this amendment. Help stop this condo building from being built in Caledon East!