Stop the College Board’s Adversity Scoring on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

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The College Board plans to assign an “adversity score” to each SAT-taking student. This planned adversity scoring will create more uncertainties and further erode public confidence in university admissions while failing to provide transparency to students and their parents.  Furthermore, it will not achieve its stated goal of measuring a student's efforts to overcome adversity.

The College Board reports the adversity score only to the university but not to the student, thus leaving the student in the dark on a critical measure over which he or she has absolutely no control.  Nor has the College Board addressed privacy concerns over massive data collection which will be presumably necessary to derive each student's adversity score.

Finally, the planned adversity scoring may not even benefit truly disadvantaged students who have overcome adversity.  For example, it will penalize students from low-income two-parent families who attend academically challenging magnet, charter or private schools.

For the foregoing reasons, and many more, please sign this petition to stop the College Board from implementing adversity scoring.

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