Stop the Cog Railway from building a luxury resort on Mount Washington


Stop the Cog Railway from building a luxury resort on Mount Washington

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March 2022 - Update

Keep the Whites Wild is aware of the Cog's Lizzie's Station proposal and is monitoring the situation.

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Wayne Presby and the Mount Washington Railway have informally proposed building a 25,000 square foot luxury resort on the western flank of Mount Washington in the delicate alpine tundra region.

This area is home to nearly 5 dozen rare species of plants and 2 rare species of butterflies.  It’s so sensitive that winter camping (when the plants are protected by snow and ice) isn’t even permitted.  And climate change is having an impact: this area that represents .07% of New Hampshire’s landmass is shrinking.

Presby has proposed the Skyline Switch as a location; Skyline is 5600 feet, well above treeline.  Not only is environmental degradation a concern, viewshed impact and life-safety are also threatened.  Presby’s resort, visible for miles in many directions, will cast a shadow over the Appalachian Trail.  Furthermore, underprepared hotel goers will be introduced to a mountain environment far from first responder systems and close to dangerously steep slopes.

The Cog’s right-of-way is 99 feet wide.  Presby has asked for a setback variance, a variance to build above 2700 feet, and an exception to build in a protected district.

Keep the Whites Wild, a White Mountains based nonprofit, has orchestrated a campaign - Protect Mount Washington- to halt the Cog and prevent harmful alpine development.

Why donate now, there hasn't been a formal application?  It's coming!  We'll have very little notice once an application is received.  If our attorneys are to successfully represent the public's interest, they'll need to be thoroughly prepared for PB and ZBA meetings. That means our costs surrounding these meetings are most substantial in advance of them- that's now. We can't protect the alpine without funding.

Be vocal, we need your help!!  Sign the petition.  Donate.  Spread the word!! Every dollar and every voice count.


Please read the below links that highlight what is at risk.


12/8 Planning Board minutes, preliminary proposel

"Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion."

~Anatoli Boukreev


This petition made change with 19,967 supporters!

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