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Germantown High is an historic landmark of the community and the City of Philadelphia, celebrating our upcoming centennial in 2014.  This is something the community is proud of.


For the past five years Germantown HS has made tremendous improvements in every area of their education from testing, attendance, graduation, etc., all due to having the great principal, working teachers, excellent programs, supporting parents, an active alumni association, a supporting community and a federal 9.7 million dollar grant from the  Department of Labor. Due to financial issues with in the school district, they are planning to close 37 schools this year, which includes closing all the schools in our community (elementary, middle & high school), 23 elementary schools; 5 middle schools and 8 high schools in other communities.  Unfortunately, 90% of these schools are in predominantly African American communities.


Our focus is Germantown High but this plan will transfer students to other schools miles and hours away causing issues of safety because they are in strange neighborhoods and hardship for some. Yes, we understand that some closing may happen due to a list of school performances, but no one has discuss anything about this plan with the people it will effect.


Now there’s another plan that no one is talking about.  The City’s Mayor just had a ribbon cutting ceremony  for a new $110 million dollar youth detention center, but there's no money to educate the students? Meanwhile the school district needs money and their plan will save them $28 million a year... The dollars and the plan are not adding up. Visit us on Facebook Page (Save Germantown High School) or our website for more details.  Here is a write up from Washington Post:


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The Philadelphia Public School District/School Reform Commission (SRC) The Philadelphia Public School District/School Reform Commission (SRC)
Our children's future academic success is at stake, an historical landmark which has been in our community for almost 100 years will be destroyed and a community will suffer economically, which will ultimately lead to more closures and the destruction of a neighborhood. SAVE Germantown High School. The School District and the SRC plan to close and/or consolidate 37 public schools in the district. This decision will lead not only to hardship for the parents of the students who will be moved, but undue stress and anxiety for the students who are thriving due to smaller class size and academic attention. They will now be thrust into a new environment in other schools and neighborhoods which they are not familiar with. And in some cases, the students are being sent to schools where there are recorded incidence of violence between them. This plan was not well thought out. The community, the students and the alumni had no input in this decision making process and we want to be heard.