Stop the cancelled visa appeals of violent criminals being granted by The government. .

Stop the cancelled visa appeals of violent criminals being granted by The government. .

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Bianca Ozoka started this petition to Peter Dutton and

I am a survivor of severe Domestic Violence living with PTSD, anxiety and depression and in hiding. 

There have been 2 attempts of murder on mine and my child’s life that went unreported (possibly more that I don’t recall due to trauma experienced) by my ex partner and biological father to a child, someone who I thought loved and cared for me and our child.

The first was him pulling my steering wheel to make me crash into a tree in torrential rain while 7months pregnant... luckily it failed and I had the driving skills and fight to not crash and control my car. I played along and got out with nothing but my hand bag and my car to my mums house where I stayed until I gave birth. 

The second he was waiting beside my grandparents unit with a brick, for me to arrive in my grandparents car with our son (who was 15months old at the time and had just ceased contact and visitations with him due to continued financial, psychological and emotional abuse and a threat to kidnap our son and take him back to Sierra Leone where I would never find him) and grandparents (whom I helped my mum care for in their frail, multiple disability and aged in their mid 80’s) he physically and verbally assaulted my mum in her 50’s, attempted to hit her in the head with the brick, but got the top of the car, then turned on my grandmother inside the vehicle whom cannot stand without the assistance of her trolley frame, throwing the brick through the back window at her (he missed). He then persisted to scream “where’s my son” smashing my grandparents and my car with the trolley frame. Luckily I was inside the unit with my son and grandfather. He had attempted to kidnap our son just like he threatened!  The police were called but he was gone... he had a friend waiting in a car around the corner for a quick get away. He was on the run for 4.5months! We lived in constant fear and hyper vigilant in every move we made. He is extremely good at hiding also  being a rebel in the civil war back in his hometown he was almost invisible at night! He received only 21 months for this last incident. Previously he had served 6months for another Domestic family violence incident with his brother.

This time he is protection visa cancelled and appealing his case along with many others with cancelled visas under character/criminal grounds.

I have to call the detention centre on regular basis to see if he’s been deported, released or still there while in hiding with children and my mum in fear of our lives. 

If my ex partner is granted a visa to get back into Australia you can be assured my life, my family’s lives and the people who make contact with this man will be destroyed, possibly even killed. My son may be a victim of international kidnapping and could even be murdered to get back at the fact I left my ex.... ask Rose Batty if she would like her ex having a second chance... I THINK NOT! 

Many of my fellow survivors have expressed deep concerns (not only for themselves and their families but the wider community), with the approval of visa cancelations appeals by the Minister of Home Affairs. These perpetrators whom are of a “visa status cancelled” after committing violent crimes against their partners and being incarcerated for 12months or more are supposed to be deported after their visas are cancelled. They have a right to appeal, but most of why they are appealing is lies and a sob story of “being killed” if they are returned to their country of origin, or “faking love and support to a child” (especially with special needs or disability) that they have no intention on caring for or supporting but to stay and continue to live off government funds, work illegally and or commit crimes without being persecuted heavily.

(We don’t choose who we fall in love with... I’m sure if we knew they were criminals/sociopaths/psychopaths we would not have fallen for their mask they so perfectly disguise themselves with.)

Why are these people being let back in to kill us Mr Dutton?

Some of these individuals sit in immigration detention for years! Great for the tax payer... not! 

We need protecting! We are law abiding citizens and upholding our end alone. 

Why are we ( their victims of their crimes) not being contacted for first hand information to decide these visa grants? 

No more visa grants to proven violent criminals!

And cancel those visas and deport those that have been granted and committed crimes since you have granted them their visas back!  

Psychopaths win at any cost... Victims turned Survivors win for the greater good! 

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