STOP the Canada geese CULL in Bloomsburg, PA

STOP the Canada geese CULL in Bloomsburg, PA

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Why this petition matters

Started by Sarah Brown

A cull targeting a flock of over 40+ Canada geese is scheduled to take place this summer in Bloomsburg, PA at the town park. 

The Bloomsburg Town Council claims the cull is due to excessive bird droppings and the effect it will have on a future walking/ biking path that is to be constructed. 

The geese will be targeted in late June/ early July during molt when they will not be able to fly away for safety. 

Geese roundups are CRUEL, INHUMANE, and often INEFFECTIVE. During this process the birds are corralled into small pens and transported to a slaughterhouse where they are shoved into carbon dioxide gas chambers or they may be slaughtered on scene in the back of a truck housing said chambers. Like humans, geese have intrapulmonary chemoreceptors that are sensitive to CO2, so they suffer a slow, painful, and terrifying death. The birds are known to panic and struggle to escape the gas chambers as their lungs burn during asphyxiation. 

Here is a video of Geese culling, found on the Animal Protection League of New Jersey’s website. Graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.

Canada geese are intellectual and caring birds. They mate for life and establish strong family bonds. They will even mourn the loss of their mate upon passing.
Within only 24 hours of life, goslings learn to mimic their parents, swim, and dive up to 40 feet and the well recognized “V” of flying geese is an aerodynamic feat in and of itself. 

To combat what the township deems as issues, there are several HUMANE methods of detterance and population control that can be implemented instead of slaughtering the geese. These include habitat modifications, domestic animal deterrents, mechanical deterrents, and humane egg addling (when necessary) amongst many other practices known to be effective when controlling Canada geese populations and habitats. To easily clean up droppings, many towns have found success using a device called the “Tow and Collect” created by MetalFarm which can simply be attached to the back of an ATV or vehicle of the like. Following pickup, the nutrient- rich droppings can be collected from this device and turned into compost which can then be utilized by individuals or community gardens. A video demonstrating the use of the machine on geese droppings will be linked below.

Furthermore, the USDA says the collected meat will be used to feed the hungry, but also conducted research on wild goose meat “and learned that it was contaminated with high levels of lead, feces, and feathers.” Furthermore, “toxicology tests and other studies by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have shown that carcinogens and neurotoxins in the [geese] flesh have potential reproductive and developmental consequences for those who consume them.” It is irresponsible to contribute to the potential health issues of fellow citizens. 

Bloomsburg is still able to break its kill contract and save this flock of Canada Geese that many have grown up admiring. This flock has provided opportunities for bird watching, photography, and relaxation amongst the simple joy of coexisting with another species.

Sign this petition to tell council members/ decision makers that you are against the cull and to take action to save the geese! 

7,278 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!