Stop the Cairns Regional Council from raising rates for Investment Properties!

Stop the Cairns Regional Council from raising rates for Investment Properties!

2 November 2022
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Started by Billy Gartner

To: The Chief Executive Officer, Cairns Regional Council

The Cairns Regional Council’s plan into increase the rates payable for investment properties in our region is of great concern to our stakeholders, both Landlords and Tenants alike.

It’s common knowledge that our region is in the midst of a severe rental crisis, which is seeing everyday Australians at an increased risk of homelessness, and that the cost of living has dramatically increased. The knowledge that cost increases are forecast to continue is driving ongoing uncertainty in our community and is concerning to all. The Council’s plan to increase costs further will exacerbate this, especially during a time following the unprecedented instability brought about by COVID.  

Whilst our community understands and expects periodic rate increases in line with CPI and other economic drivers, a discretionary and seemingly discriminatory increase in charges relating to a sector of the community already under great stress is viewed by our stakeholders and by our counterparts in the Real Estate industry as disproportionate and unjustifiable. Our landlords are already experiencing significant challenges as a result of cost increases for maintenance materials, shortages of skilled tradespeople to undertake repairs and increased interest rates and insurance premiums – conversely, our tenants are under great stress due to a lack of rental properties and the rising rents due to cost increases associated with the factors stated above.

The vast majority of landlords in our region are not property magnates, many are working mums and dads who have invested in property in an effort to help future generations of their family, and who will have no choice but to pass on further cost increases to already stressed tenants.

We would ask that the Cairns Regional Council reconsider its position on this matter, and if it’s unavoidable, to distribute any necessary rates increase fairly across the community. Targeting our industry will only serve to further stress the already disadvantaged. 

Instead of penalising owners of investment properties we ask that Council considers developing incentives to entice investors and developers back into the property market in our region by encouraging them to build developments strictly for the rental market which would benefit Council, Investors and Tenants.

Yours sincerely,

Your constituents


This petition made change with 3,450 supporters!

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