Stop The Building in St. Tammany Parish Stop the Flooding

Stop The Building in St. Tammany Parish Stop the Flooding

September 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

The Tchefuncte Nation, Chahta Tribe, the Honeybee Homeowners Association,
the Dixie Ranch Homeowners Association, the Victoria Park Homeowners Association and other registered voters, full-time St. Tammany residents and taxpayers
St. Tammany Parish President Mike Cooper and St. Tammany Parish Councilmembers to
As St. Tammany Parish tribal members, registered voters and full-time residents who know this place, love this place and live here - we have united efforts to voice our concerns about the fast building and develop- ment that impacts our property values and way of life.
We have signed this petition to call for an immediate stop to all building in St. Tammany Parish until the following has been completed:
- a parishwide drainage study incorporating new flood maps;
- an ecosystem restoration study by the Army Corp of Engineers;
- a plan with the Tchefuncta Nation, Chahta Tribe to achieve cultural and historic preservation; - an infrastructure study with input from local governments, the Louisiana Department
of Transportation, the St. Tammany Parish School System, St. Tammany Fire Districts
and local law enforcement agencies;
- a parishwide review to looks at changes to zoning made in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina,
Rita and Gustov in possible violation of the Louisiana Sunshine Law.
WHEREAS A-1 and A-2 zoning regulations that were created to protect homeowners and tribal mem- bers under the Home Rule Charter were changed in some areas and need to revert back to low density growth;
WHEREAS St. Tammany Parish cannot sustain fast growth which includes the building of slab housing, increased use of retention ponds and levees that has caused flooding in areas that did not flood during the May 1995 flood;
WHEREAS the Tchefunte Nation, Chahta Tribe which historically derived sustenance from the land
and water, has lost access to areas for hunting and fishing and their USDA agricultural and conservation areas have been flooded and diminished by surrounding development; and they have experienced a degradation of the environment that now threatens their culture;
WHEREAS St. Tammany roads and highway systems are not designed for fast growth and are still try- ing to catch up with the increase in traffic;
WHEREAS St. Tammany Parish granting tax exemptions to developers and industry has not resulted in a comprehensive infrastructure plan that benefits the way of life of local residents;



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Signatures: 112Next Goal: 200
Support now