Stop the brutal torture and slaughter of cats and dogs all over Asia!

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Cats and dogs are being viciously stolen from the homes, beaten, tortured and ultimately killed for the sick individuals who choose to eat them. This practice is becoming less and less mainstream due to the fact the dogs and cats are ultimately loved by a majority of people in Asia. However, dog flesh can be found on the menu in North-Korea, South-Korea, Vietnam and China. Around   Please help me spread the word on this issue...thank you!!!



Here are some facts.


Around the 10th century, the meaning of dog meat started to change for many Chinese, who no longer perceived dogs as food. It is likely that the popularization of Buddhism caused this general change in attitude; Buddhism does not advocate the killing of any animals, but particularly rejects slaughtering dogs for their meat. Because of the dog’s general traits, such as loyalty to its owner, it came to be believed that killing dogs was bad karma.


Eating dog is considered taboo in Manchu culture. When the Manchu came to rule China from the 17th century, the eating of dog meat was labelled ‘barbarian’ and the practice was banned. Southern Chinese continued eating dog flesh.


Not long ago, dog flesh was also eaten in some parts of America, Africa and Europe. In Germany, dog meat was eaten until the early 20th century, and in 1996 it was still served in some areas in Switzerland. In the Phillippines, dog eating became illegal in 1998.


Beijing currently still has 122 listed restaurants that serve dog meat or are specialized in it.


In 2006, 50,000 dogs were beaten to death during a five day crackdown in Yunnan after three people died of rabies. Only 3% of China’s dogs are vaccinated against rabies, and 2000 people die because of it every year. During the Yunnan crackdown, authorities halted people who were walking their dog. The dogs were beaten to death on the spot.

Eating dog flesh is only allowed in Mainland China; in Hong Kong, consuming dog meat has been illegal since 1954. In Taiwan, it was banned in 2001.