Stop the Brutal Bok Nal 'Dog Eating Days'

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The hottest days of summer bring South Korea's brutal Bok Nal "dog eating days," in which dog meat soup is consumed in the mistaken belief that it somehow cools the blood. In reality, Bok Nal only brings torture and death for countless innocent dogs, who may be hung, burned, electrocuted or skinned alive.

Bok Nal is celebrated on three gruesome days, thought to be the hottest of the year; in 2017, the dates are July 12 (Chobok), July 22 (Joongbok) and August 11 (Malbok).

During Bok Nal, 70 to 80 percent of the estimated 2 million dogs killed annually for meat in S. Korea will be consumed. Many farmers wait until Bok Nal to slaughter the dogs, because during this time they will fetch a higher price.

There is hope in ending Bok Nal and the entire dog meat trade in S. Korea. Newly elected, progressive President Moon Jae-in is against the dog and cat meat trade -- he even adopted a dog, Tory, who was saved from slaughter at a dog meat farm.

Sign the petition urging President Moon to take swift action to stop the barbaric dog and cat meat industry in S. Korea, and end the cruel Bok Nal dog eating days. Millions of dogs' lives depend on it.