Stop the Beaver Gravel Pit at Potter's Bridge Park, #DontLeaveItToBeaver


Stop the Beaver Gravel Pit at Potter's Bridge Park, #DontLeaveItToBeaver

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We are a group of citizens opposed to the rezoning of parcel number 10-07-30-00-00-002.000 located in the 19100 block of Allisonville Road in a highly residential area of Noblesville, Indiana.

We request the Common Council reject the change of zoning request by Beaver Gravel and related parties so the 50-acre lot cannot be mined for sand and gravel, disrupting Potter’s Bridge Park, the nearby residents and neighbors, and the surrounding ecosystem.

After reviewing more than 120 pages of public filing documents, we oppose this gravel pit industrial operation for reasons including the following:

  • Drinking Water Contamination Risk: The elevated contamination risk that the operation — proposed to be next to the White River in Noblesville — poses to Hamilton County’s drinking water, especially without proper oversight and monitoring

  • Emissions & Pollution: The dust emissions and air pollution, along with environmental concerns for the wildlife in and around the White River, especially without oversight and accountability

  • Bad City Policy Precedent: The precedent that the rezoning, if approved, would set for other industrial operations seeking to conduct business within dense residential areas subject to Noblesville’s United Development Ordinance, part of the city’s Comprehensive Master Plan.

  • Industrial Noise: The increased industrial noise levels that may violate city noise ordinances for both park goers and nearby residents on Allisonville Road

  • And more listed at

For these reasons, we implore the Noblesville Common Council to reject this rezoning request.



On Friday, March 25, 2022, Beaver Gravel Corporation and the Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department re-filed their zoning appeal to requesting that the City of Noblesville rezone the 50-acre parcel owned by Beaver from Residential (R2)/Flood Hazard to Medium High Density Residential (R5)/Government Use Overlay/Planned Development. 

The rezoning would allow Beaver Gravel Corporation to mine sand and gravel using heavy machinery for five years, while donating parcels of land to the Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department in phases as work is completed. After the sand and gravel are extracted, the gravel pit would be donated as a lake to the Hamilton County Parks and Recreation department and another portion of the land would be used for a townhome development project. 

It’s because of our community’s tireless efforts in the fall of 2020 that any due diligence was conducted by the project’s petitioner, and we’re thankful that the Hamilton County community now has more information about the risks the project presents.


This petition made change with 1,735 supporters!

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