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STOP the barbaric "tradition"!

Every year in Italy many animals (Horses, Donkeys, Geese, Pigs etc) are tortured, and often killed, in the name of "religion". These horrific expressions of human evilness are blessed by the Catholic Church, these "sagra, palio, festa" are bloody traditions that are not worthy a "civilized, progressed" Country. The worst day is Aug 15, Ferragosto, the day dedicated to the Mother of Jesus Christ: in her name many animals are exploited, and killed. This is not religion, this is cruelty. It's time to STOP abuses and abusers!

Every year in Butera (CL), they "celebrate"  the traditional festival "U sirpintazzu and the goose" where a real goose (killed for the occasion) is hanging to be roughly abused under the public eye. Keeping the tradition alive, should not lead to the killing and the subsequent mistreatment of a helpless animal, either alive and dead. The fact that such barbarity goes on for more than 200 years, in no way justifies the death of the goose; the tradition must continue, but with full respect for animal dignity: use a fake goose, be humane and compassionate as your religion says you should be.

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  • Catholic Church
    Papa Benedetto XVI
  • Minister of Tourism
    Michela V. Brambilla
  • Animal Welfare
    Francesca Martini

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