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HH Syedna: Stop the barbaric genital mutilation of young girls (Ladkiyon par khatna)

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Imagine you’re a 5-year-old girl. You’re taken by your mother and family members you trust to meet a doctor. They hold your arms and legs so you don’t struggle. Then they take a blade and cut your genitals.

This barbaric practice of female genital mutilation is still being practiced in India. Sadly, by the otherwise very progressive community of Bohras.

Some girls get away with a poke or a prick but some girls get complete clitoris removal which gives them severe urinary, menstrual and sex-related problems. 

A girl's clitoris hood is cut off -without anesthesia in most cases. They claim that this is done for hygiene purposes, that is not true, this is just a cruel way to keep women’s sexual desires subdued!

His Holiness HH Syedna, the spiritual leader of the Bohra community can put an end to this practice.

Female circumcision is NOT Islamic - it is an African ritual which only the Bohras follow in the subcontinent. It is cruel, excruciatingly painful and inhuman.

Nigeria just outlawed the practice after women around the world raised their voice and demanded an end to it.

Such a barbaric ritual has no place in a progressive community like the Bohras. So we pray to His Holiness to stop this misogynist ritual.

His one word can save millions of little young girls. 

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