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Stop the Anti-Collective Bargaining Job Killing Bill in Ohio


The Ohio Senate has passed SB 5, which will change the ability of Ohio's state and local public employees from negotiating terms of employment through collective bargaining. This would significantly affect public employees at the state and local levels, including: teachers, law enforcement, and other state and local public employees.

The Ohio Senate has passed SB 5, by a vote of 17-16. This petition will continue to target those Republican Senators who were on the fence before and ended up voting FOR the bill.  I am removing the Republican State Senators who OPPOSED the bill, along with the ones who were solid YES votes for it from the beginning. This petition will now start targeting specific Republican Ohio Representatives that are deemed to be undecided and/or persuadable. 

 According to ProgressOhio, the following would happen to working families across Ohio:



• Eliminates collective bargaining for state workers, including higher-education employees, and calls for the development of a merit-based system.


• Removes the requirement that deadlocked negotiations with safety forces go to binding arbitration, instead extending the prior union contract for one year.

• Allows employers to hire permanent replacement workers during a strike.

• Removes health insurance from collective bargaining. Management would pick a uniform insurance policy that would apply both to themselves and workers, and employees must cover at least 20 percent.

• Prohibits public employers from picking up extra employee pension contributions.

• Removes from state law automatic pay increases for experience and education.

• Eliminates from state law leave policies and automatic 15 sick days for teachers.

• Requires mediators to consider wages of employees who are not members of the union and does not allow them to consider future tax increases as part of an entity's ability to pay.

• No longer requires that once a subject is included in a contract that it becomes a mandatory part of future bargaining.

• Defines an "impasse" as a lack of agreement after 90 days. After that point, it requires each side to make public its last, best offer.

• Prohibits school districts from bargaining away certain management powers, such as the ability to deploy teachers to certain buildings.

• No longer makes length of service the key factor when deciding on layoffs.

• Requires a public employer to publish on its website any changes in the union contract that impact compensation of workers.

• Requires the employer and the State Employment Relations Board to publish the parties' offers on their websites before and after fact-finding is complete.

• Allows schools or local governments in fiscal emergency to terminate or modify a collective-bargaining agreement.

For the full link to this on ProgressOhio, go to:

It's time to stand up for Ohio's working families and demand that the Ohio Senate  & Governor Kasich focus on creating jobs, not destroying them!


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It angers me that the Ohio Senate has passed SB #5, which significantly changes the collective bargaining rules for Ohio's state and local public employees. The negative impact this would have on Ohio is severe.

From what I know this bill eliminates collective bargaining for state workers, including higher-education employees, and calls for the development of a merit-based system. The impact on local employees is also very disconcerting, and just some of the examples are that it allows for the permanent replacement of workers on strikes, no longer would make length of service a factor in deciding layoffs, plus so much more.

We heard in the last campaign season that Governor Kasich and Republicans would bring jobs back to Ohio. They seem to be going back on that stance now. This bill would effectively costs countless numbers of jobs throughout Ohio. It's time to protect the right of workers to organize and negotiate fair terms on a fair playing field. We feel it's time Republicans live up to their words and create jobs and for Democrats to stand strong.

To those in the Ohio Senate and Ohio House of Representatives, if this passes, we will not forget this come 2012 and beyond. I ask that you join Ohio's hard working families in stopping this attack on the working and middle class. I ask you to OPPOSE this bill.

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