STOP the Animal Neglect in Columbia County, N​.​Y.

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This petition " STOP the Animal Neglect in Columbia County, N.Y" is being sent to The Honorable Andrew Cuomo to request the Governor's help to finally end the Animal Neglect in Columbia, County, N.Y.  In Columbia County, Columbia Greene Humane Society "may" investigate reports re: Animal Neglect in Columbia/Greene Counties, and the Police "must" investigate all reports of Animal Neglect. Paul Czajka, District Attorney Columbia County is  "responsible" to investigate alleged crimes in cooperation with law enforcement, and file criminal charges or bringing "all" evidence before the Grand Jury. The overt Animal Neglect in Columbia County at one farm has been ongoing since 2014 despite numerous complaints by the public to the authorities, police intervention and arrest, eye witness testimony, photos, videos, expert testimony, shipping records, sales receipts, and other indisputable evidence. It appears Columbia County is becoming "well known" by the Equine Community and General Public for failing to enforce the New York State Agriculture & Markets Animal Cruelty laws at one very well known "Hoarder" and "Animal Abuser" operating under the guise of a "horse rescue". We the people, respectfully request Columbia Greene Humane Society, New York State Police, and the Columbia County District Attorney's Office investigate, file charges, and prosecute the violator of the NYSAGM Animal Cruelty laws and finally "STOP the Animal Neglect ongoing in Columbia County, N.Y." The children in the community don't understand why the authorities are not helping the suffering, neglected and abused horses, and the Adults have no rationale explanation to give the children. Maybe somebody can explain to the "Public" the reason why the authorities appear to "allowing" the ongoing Animal Neglect of these horses in Columbia County, N.Y. and why they are not stopping it ? Please sign the petition to " STOP the Animal Neglect in Columbia County, N.Y." and restore the Public's trust in the authorities and the judicial system, and more importantly finally "help" the suffering horses. Perhaps the "Public" should withhold  "supporting" any Animal Welfare Group in the "area" where the ongoing Animal Cruelty violations are occurring until it finally ends.  Hopefully, the Honorable Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York State and his staff will "remind" the local authorities of their responsibility to enforce the New York State Agriculture and Markets laws prohibiting Animal Cruelty. Thank you for signing this petition to help the horses at one well known, disgraceful horse farm located in Columbia County, N.Y. where the horses are intentionally being "starved" and they are "not" recent rescues as portrayed. If you see something, say something, or the painful suffering of these horses will continue forever.  Thank you in advance for your anticipated support.