Stop the AMC from developing and cutting in the White Mountain National Forest

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The AMC, or Appalachian Mountain Club, is proposing to develop a new landing site for their helicopters that deliver to the Lakes of the Cloud Hut in the White Mountain National Forest. To do this, they are proposing to cut down trees and develop on land owned by the National Forest.

Currently, the AMC owns property by the AMC Highland Hut located in Crawford Notch, NH, less than a mile away from the proposed develop site. There is plenty of clear land available at the AMC Highland Hut for them to resume helicopter operations and delivery. The proposal to build on Base Road is just another monetary gain for the AMC at the cost of natural lands.

The AMC has three proposals in regards to developing along Base Road in Bretton Woods, NH on the White Mountain National Forest. All three plans include clear cutting to get to the access point, or development on National Forest lands that would hamper and endanger local wildlife and vegetation.

Here is their proposed plans:

The AMC is trying their best to hide this from the local residents and the general public, using their clout to hide and push this through. DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS. This is a Boston, Massachusetts based company who is attempting to develop on our lands that we hold sacred!  

We ask for your support in letting Jenny Burnett and the White Mountain National Forest know that you oppose this project and do not support it. To do this please write to Jenny Burnett & the WMNF via one of the following methods:



Mail Address:

White Mountain National Forest Service
Attn: Jenny Burnett
71 White Mountain Drive
Campton, NH 03223

Phone Number:



Reach out and contact Jenny Burnett and the White Mountain National Forest Service and let her know you oppose this project today! The deadline to contact them is June 10th, 2018.


Thank you for your support and let Jenny Burnett and the AMC know you don't support development on National Forest lands! 


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