STOP the 2020 flooding of Lake Ontario NOW.

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We have seen firsthand the devastation of the high water levels of 2017 and 2019. Despite this, the IJC continues to follow the failed Plan 2014 regulation for Lake Ontario and its prescribed “L-limits”, with very slight deviations. While this action protects the shipping industry, this flow will NOT drop Lake Ontario enough to prepare for spring 2020.

The choices being made today by the IJC are setting us up for a third year of catastrophic economic, social and environmental destruction, violating the basic human rights of the shoreline families and businesses. This is NOT CLIMATE CHANGE, this is hostile and unfair policy.

We, the families, businesses, municipalities and emergency responders of the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence shoreline and their tributaries, DEMAND that the IJC dramatically increase the outflows at the Moses Saunders Dam to bring Lake Ontario to a level of 74.5M before the end of December, 2019.