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Petitioning Board Members of the Texas State Board of Education

Stop Texas Board of Education from Giving Your Children Biased Textbooks

On March 11th, the Texas State Board of Education cast a preliminary vote in favor of changes that will make textbooks more conservative and religious and include fewer mentions of minorities. These changes apply to curriculums ranging from social studies and history to science and economics. 

The conservative-leaning board voted against discussion of "freedom of religion" saying that the Founding Fathers were using Biblical ideas in the establishment of the country. They are changing all mentions of "capitalism" to "free market". They are leaving influential Hispanics, African-Americans and women out of the new curriculum. 

Texas is one of the most influential states when it comes to textbook production. The changes made to education standards in Texas will affect textbooks all across the country. These changes will appear in schools in your neighborhood. 

The final vote is in May.  There is still time to tell the board members in Texas that you don't want their conservative curriculum showing up in your schools.

Letter to
Board Members of the Texas State Board of Education
As you prepare for your board meeting in May, I urge you to reconsider the proposed changes to Texas textbook standards. These changes do not make for more "balanced" textbooks. They create books full of inaccurate information that bring religion to the forefront and place the achievements of many great Americans on the cutting room floor.

The changes you make to your textbooks will appear in textbooks across the country. Your vote against these new standards will protect children in all 50 states from studying flawed accounts of history and social studies and imperfect discussions of science and economics. Education is supposed to help children succeed. These new standards will only hold them back.

I urge you to listen to your constituents and to Americans across the country during this public comment period. They want you to vote against the new standards. Please represent them in May by casting a NO vote.

Thank you

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