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Stop Testing on Animals!

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"Why test on Animals when we have Prisons full of Pedophiles' ?" Pedophiles gave up their rights when they took away children's rights to be safe and innocent! What have animals done? Not a thing. It's humans who train animals that make them "bad" or dangerous. Have you heard of Titan? The pit bull who saved his owners life when she fell, fractured her skull and was bleeding excessively...doctors said, if it wasn't for Titan, she would have died. Buster, the 6-month-old puppy that saved his family from carbon monoxide poisoning (July 2012). Buddy, the German Shepherd, pawed 911 when his owner was having a heart attack (July 2012). Stanley, the cat saves his 90-year-old owner who recently visited her neighbor, Olive Rogers, lying in a puddle of blood after hitting her head and lying unconscious, Stanley meowed loudly (continuously) until Olive turned back around and called 911 (July 2012). Or how about Dory, the giant rabbit, who pumped his chest to notify Simon Steggall's wife, Victoria that he had, had a diabetic coma, when she thought he fell asleep. She called paramedics who revived him (July 2012). All these rescues are JUST in July 2012. Animals are amazing creatures, who should be loved greatly, not tested on.

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