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Stop Tennessee Group from Stabbing Frogs

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Summer 2016

My name is Tricia Lebkuecher, Executive Co-Director of Nashville Animal Advocacy, a Nashville-based animal rights and welfare organization. After learning about a cruel event that takes place so close to where I live, I feel the need to take action.

For the past three years (2013-15), the DeKalb County Young Farmers and Ranchers has hosted an event in Smithville, Tennessee that involved stabbing frogs to death for the purpose of fundraising. The event, called “Giggin' for Grads,” encouraged participants to run around with spears or “gigs” with the intent of stabbing frogs. Not only does this pose significant cruelty to the frogs involved, but it also creates an opportunity for participants to accidentally or unknowingly kill non-target frogs and toads, some of which could be endangered.

The Global Conservation Group's Senior Biologist Susana Paco states “A method such as stabbing is extremely painful for the frog, who dies of massive hemorrhaging and usually asphyxiates on its own blood."

Unlike mammals, frogs and other coldblooded animals have slow metabolisms which significantly slows down death when injured, causing the animals to suffer for longer periods of time. Furthermore, this event also poses serious human safety concerns. Minors and adults run around at night with sharp objects spearing animals, endangering themselves and others, as well as encouraging violent behavior among youth.

Please sign and share this petition to urge city officials and event coordinators to never repeat this event and replace it with an alternative fundraising method such as a bake sale. Nashville Animal Advocacy has partnered with the Global Conservation Group, who is offering to cover the expenses of any humane alternative as a fundraiser for the group.

Please do not repeat the “Giggin' for Grads” event in 2016, which involves participants stabbing frogs. This poses significant human safety and animal cruelty concerns. The Global Conservation Group is offering to cover the expenses of any other humane alternative fundraiser if you discontinue this one. Thank you for your consideration.


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