Stop supporting one of the most powerful transphobes in the world, J​.​K. Rowling.

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On December 19th, 2019, J.K. Rowling went public with her transphobic beliefs on Twitter, openly supporting Maya Forstater, a British woman whose employment contract was not renewed due to her unapologetically and unreservedly misgendering transgender and non-binary people. The judge ruled in her case that such views, which cause significant emotional pain to transgender people, were "not worthy of respect in a democratic society."

This is not the first time J.K. Rowling has promoted transphobic views. In October 2017, she liked a tweet promoting a Medium article that had transphobic undertones. In March 2018, she liked a tweet that called trans women "men in dresses." When pressed for comment, one of her representatives claimed that Rowling had had a "middle-aged moment" and swiped the "like" button by mistake. Throughout 2019, Rowling was criticized for following a number of Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) on Twitter. Rowling refused to comment on this either, and a representative explained that the author simply liked to follow Twitter users she found to be "thought-provoking."

J.K. Rowling was 2019´s highest paid author, earning 92 million dollars. If you believe that trans rights are human rights, I urge you to sign this petition to dethrone J.K. Rowling as the highest paid author in the world.

To do this, we must commit to cease purchasing all books, products and services based on Rowling’s work.

To gain a wider following, we must gain the support of more celebrities, namely those who work or have worked in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises. You cannot have a film with no producers, directors or actors.

We need more people to stand up and do the right thing. Our trans youth are watching us and depending on us to take action. Losing respect for the author of one’s favourite book series is a painful process, especially when that book series used to provide an escape from the indignities of everyday life. Let us soften the blow and give the mistreated and downtrodden hope for humanity at the start of this new decade.