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Stop stores from ruining Thanksgiving by opening at absurd times on "Black Friday!"

Thanksgiving is a day for family, food, and traditions. By retail stores opening earlier then 4 or 5 A.M., they are ruining the holiday for the employees and the customers who like to shop for deals on "Black Friday." By opening on Thanksgiving day, or 12 A.M. friday morning, the people who work for the retail stores and the customers who choose to participate in the shopping will be forced to use the holiday to try and get enough sleep and prepare themselves for "Black Friday." They are losing this valuable holiday and the time they share with their families. This trend of opening earlier and earlier needs to stop to try and conserve the morals of the holiday. Bring back Thanksgiving to the people who work and shop retail! (Walmart, Toys R Us, Macy's, Kohl's, Target, Best Buy, etc.)|Start an Online Petition »

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  • Major retail chains: Target, Macy's, Toys R Us, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.
    ALL retail stores that open too early on "Black Friday."

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