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Can you imagine working hard at your job for a day, a week, or longer and having your boss tell you to "get lost" without paying you?

Thousands of workers in Oregon have their wages stolen from them by corner-cutting abusive employers. As it is now, most of the time, the employer can get away with it.

Many unregulated construction labor brokers are skirting the rules. These brokers keep their workers on informal books and do their business in the shadows.  

SB 612 closes the loopholes to make sure that the labor brokers are subject to the same oversight as any other Oregon company. Lifting them out of the shadows to lift the standards for us all.

The Oregon Coalition to End Wage Theft Asks you to:

Sign the petition to make sure that in the 21st century no one in Oregon is laboring without being paid.

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Letter to
State Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson
State Senator Chuck Thomsen
State Senator Brian Boquist
and 11 others
State Senator Diane Rosenbaum
State Senator William Hansell
State Senator Herman Baertschiger
State Senator Jeff Kruse
State Senator Betsy Johnson
State Senator Chris Edwards
State Senator Peter Courtney
State Senator Doug Whitsett
State Senator Betsy Close
State Senator Jackie Winters
Oregon State Senate
When employers steal wages and benefits it hurts everyone:
the workers who don’t get paid, communities robbed of local spending, other workers whose standards are undermined, and taxpayers- because taxes can’t be collected on unpaid wages.

Please vote Yes on SB 612 to close the loopholes on construction labor brokers and protect workers in the construction industry from wage theft.

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