Stop Steve Sackur of BBC From Helping Coverup The Killings In Nigeria . #SafeOurLives

Stop Steve Sackur of BBC From Helping Coverup The Killings In Nigeria . #SafeOurLives

1 May 2021
Petition to
Steve Sackur (HardTalk Presenter, Journalist at BBC)
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Started by Williams Ukonu

The planned so called Town Hall Meeting by Business Hallmark Public Policy Forum is an image laundering attempt by the Buhari government whose regime have overseen and still overseeing the murdering of innocent Nigerians in their numbers nationwide. This government through their cronies seek to divert global public attention from the atrocities of President Buhari`s kinsmen.

The so called infrastructural revolution is a false and deceitful narrative to sell a wicked idea that Nigeria is working. We all know this is far from the truth. So, join me in this campaign to stop Steve Sackur of BBC from ever stepping even a single foot in Nigeria for this event scheduled for the 25th May 2021.

The only thing that reflects federal character in Nigeria today is mass murder and general insecurity in every part of the country. There are killings in all part of Nigeria - both North and South. While the so called infrastructure where it does exist at all is very selective. 

Please sign the campaign to draw global attention to the real revolution happening in Nigeria today - which is the forceful takeover of communities and lands from rightful owners, raping, maiming and murdering of those who dare to resist. This is widespread all over the country and those responsible are well known to the government. 

Kindly sign my petition to demand the following from the revered journalist in the person of Steve Sackur:

1) To reject and cancel his appearance on the false Town Hall Meeting scheduled for 25th May 2021 or any other date until Buhari`s government declares Meyetti Allah a terrorist group (a criminal association formed and run by Buhari`s kinsmen and to which he has been reported to be a patron), arrest and prosecute their leaders for murder and crimes against humanity

2) To disassociate himself from every event and activities of the Buhari`s government until the above is done.

3) Dedicate a whole show of his "HardTalk" talk show program on BBC to the destructions and killings by Meyetti Allah led herdsmen all over the country; government apparent reluctance to confront and stop this killers of our people, and as well as outlawing, harassments and state sponsored murder of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in the hands of Buhari`s government.

Steve Sackkur, attending this event would mean dancing on the grave of innocent Nigerian farmers murdered, raped and maimed in their farms across the country by Buhari`s Kinsmen. You will also be dancing on the grave of Biafran heroes whose only crime was to ask for protection of their lives and property, and freedom from slavery on their own land by their own supposed government.  

#StopSteveSackur #StopTheKillings #SaveNigerianLives #SaveBiafra #YesWeCan


This petition made change with 433 supporters!

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