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Stop Steroid Use Nation Wide

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One of my main goals is to stop the production of steroid creams. Even, if I can't do that, I would like to warn American citizens about the detrimental affects of steroids before they use them for their skin. I would love for the media to display commercials showing what happens after you stop the use of steroids. In addition, also show victims of this condition and let them share their story. When I had stopped the use of steroid creams for my eczema, I started to suffer from a condition called TSW or Topical Steroid Withdrawal. From this skin condition, you suffer from oozing, burning, itchy, flaky skin, insomnia, extreme fatigue, anxiety/depression, appetite changes, hypersensitivity of the skin to water, movement, moisturizer, fabrics, temperatures, and many other symptoms. During the first stages of TSW, I used to shake uncontrollably, lost 30 pounds in about 2 months, and lost my eyebrows and hair. I made this petition because I really want to stop the use of steroids nation wide. Sometimes, I can't even fathom what happened to me because so many things were happening all at once! There was a time in my life where I was bed bound and had to fed and washed by my grandmother, Catherine Morales on a daily basis. It has been a roller coaster of skin battles for the past year for me. This condition can affect you mentally, physically and spiritually. Thankfully, God has been with me every step of the way. If steroids were stopped nationally, I would be filled with so much joy because so many people are suffering from the aftermath of using steroid creams. Steroid creams do more damage to the skin than any good. In addition, I would love for the president to have health care companies to compensate people with money to pay for skin treatments, organic supplements, and medical supplies so they can recover much more quickly from TSW.  It would be even better if the government can open up clinics nation-wide especially for people with TSW. I hope that I can truly make a difference from this petition. Also I would like to thank my two wonderful parents Tyrone and Christina Thompson for being with me on this TSW journey! God bless you all and please share the hashtag #JUSTICEFORTSW

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