STOP! SpaceX Starlink from Spoiling Outer Space for Humanity.

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It’s disgusting that the commercial company, SpaceX was given the green light by the FCC in the USA to launch a network of satellites in to Low Earth Orbit, 60 at time of writing, rising to 12,000 over time.

These satellites will forever ruin the view of the heavens for the entire planet.

As the USA is party to the Outer Space Treaty it has a responsibility for it's space activities.

excerpt from Outer Space Treaty:

As a result of discussions arising from Project West Ford in 1963, a consultation clause was included in Article IX of the Outer Space Treaty: "A State Party to the Treaty which has reason to believe that an activity or experiment planned by another State Party in outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, would cause potentially harmful interference with activities in the peaceful exploration and use of outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, may request consultation concerning the activity or experiment."

A link to Project West Ford:

Visual astronomers, astrophotographers & radio astronomers are all directly affected by this. 

As an amateur astrophotographer myself, I am disgusted that there was no apparent consultation process with everyone who would be affected, there is a clause in place & it needs to be enacted before the entire constellation is launched. 

Yes, the non space enthusiast will probably be in awe of the sight of a few bright shiny objects passing through their night sky but that will almost certainly be short lived and it will in no means interfere with their everyday life, job or hobby/interest as it will for the staunch enthusiast, astronomer, astrophotographer or radio astronomer.

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