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Stop South African Police & Judiciary unjustice to foreigners and the UNHCR 's unfairness

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South African Police and Judiciary deliberately botch up cases involving Foreigners, this must stop. In South Africa, Foreigners have only responsibilities not rights.Black South African; Police Officers and Prosecutors are those who indulge in these xenophobic practices.


I am an exiled from Congo, for security I use this nickname.

21/08/2098, I was attaked I reported to the Durban Point Police until now nothing was done i am still suffering the consequences (see leg photos  and  medical reports on  my facebook page ). the Case number is 786 / 09 /98 - Point  Police, Durban.The Investigator name is Sibisi.

2010  I opened a case of intimidation  at the Brooklyn Police Pretoria against someone who was  harrassing me the police did nothing until to day. the Case number is 100 / 03 /2010 -Brooklyn, the Investigator name Mudzanani.

November 2010, I opened another case of intimidation at the Brooklyn Police Station Pretoria, the  Case number 814 /11/2010 ,  as usual the Police did nothing, the culprit went on the 15 / 01 / 2011 by attempting to stab me with two  broken bottles, he damaged my bicycle, I called some Policeman who were  nearby,  they arrested him  and just released around the corner, I  went to explain to the investigator she did not  know what to do, all witnesses were still  working , she did not bother to go and get their statments. The Investigator name is Maluleke, only to

 phone after few months to tell me that my case was rejected. I went to the Police, they said it was  the Court 's fault , the Court accused the Police vice versa.  This a  South African vice versa delaying tacting to fade away evidences and protect criminals but when the same criminals they protect kill Police Officers they wonder.

After e-mailing to the Headquarter of the Police they  arrested the criminal who is a dangerous escapee from prison for armed robbery, he was again released by the Hatfield Court, the vice versa game continued until after 8 months the investigator called me again  that the case was reopened I should give her give  her the names of witnesses after 8 mounths what a joke some of them have travelled, and  no more working at he same place.

I gave her phones  numbers of some South Africans who were present, but they refused  to say what  they saw, because , the criminal is a citizen so they can not be on the side of a foreigner because they  do not  want us  in South Africa.

I am leaving in fear for all years I stay in South Africa, my health is deteriorating from damaged lungs due to attacks to high blood pressure, exposure to cigarette smoke..I notified the UNHCR-Pretoria, The Inspectorate General Office of the UNHCR, case number INV/ 10 /064, since 2010 they do not respondent. I contacted Ban Ki Moon and Antonio Guterres trough their facebook , they do not respond. I am traumatized.

i was granted resettlement by Mengesha Kebede, Bruno Geddo, Bart Learskool, Kindiki Kinture, this was cancelled by Isabel Marquez, Jolanda Jansen , Bemma Donkoh,  Abel Mbilinyi but they sold resettlement  to people  who bought  refugee status, people who did not quailify, people who failed to get visas from western Countries '  Embassies. The USA, Canada,  Australia,  Norway, Sueden,  Holland Denmark are countries where people who buy resettlemet are  smuggled in since 2001, at the detriment of exiled having very serious cases..This corrupt practice must end.

I consulted with Sophie Bart, Catherine Sophie Bart, Sergio Callenor, Alphonse  Munyianeza  of the UNHCR  Pretoria  they do not do something to assiste me, these are criminals not Protection Officers

I use a  knife for my protection but if caught with, the South African Police will make this a big case forgetting that it is because of their deliberate negligence

I need your support  to get  jusice to  be done by the South Government and the UNHCR. and get ressettled to a third country of asylum as my health is deteriorating due the attacks, trauma, stress, destroyed lung, exposure to cigarette smoke, rigth leg cut  veins and  tendons, high blood pressure to mention few.

The above mentuioned Entities  must not force  me to use violence for my survival and protection., it seems that is what they want me to do because I abibe by the law they see me as a fool. For my health and protection I will not hesitate , the UNHCR , the South African Police & the South African Judiciary should be held; accountable for gross negligence.emotional abuse and deliberate violation of someone fundamental rights and morale torture.

South Africa is a land of injustice and lawlessness  if you kill a pigeon  or rhino you will go in prison for 6 montns, but  if you  kill an African from other Afrcan countries  you will not be punished they will never be  jusice, other Africans are not Human Beings , the Governement will do everything to sweep everything under the carpet that there must not be justice by using deportation by  Immigration Officials and harrassement by the Police  to deter the victims.

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