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STOP SILENT ANIMAL ABUSE BY PET GROOMERS: California Legislators Must Create Law

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Hundreds of unsuspecting Pet owners dogs and cats, have already died and are maimed yearly in California by Pet Groomers as reported by the SPCA and Veternarians. Anyone can call themselves a pet bather, brusher or groomer in California.  No required Training...ask David Martin whose Yorkie mix dog Lucy (pictured) had five of her nipples shaved off, and her eye and leg permanently injured while being groomed at PetsMart in Palm Springs by their Pet groomer. Lucy launched this Bill also known as Lucy's Law. Lucy survived, but sadly there were recent Dog deaths as reported on Local and National News at the hands of a Pet Groomer. To name a few there was  Sadie (Petco) , Rita Puppy (PetsMart) and Masquina (Caudles Pet Grooming). Their owners have already testified in the Captiol Preliminary hearings begging for this new Pet Grooming Act SB969 to pass.and it failed in the last hearing!  PETCO, PETSMART and PIJAC strongly lobbied and oppose this Bill...not surprising....The Pet Grooming Act, Authored by Senator Juan Vargas, did not make it out of the Assembly hearing in August 2012'. That Bill was calling for a Voluntary Certification Program that offers a $40.00 exam, written by Certified Master Groomers, for groomers, bathers, brushers to pass and to be Certified to show they understand the safe handling of animals. . PLEASE GO ANOTHER STEP AND CALL YOUR CALIFORNIA SENATORS AND ASSEMBLY MEMBERS TO CREATE A NEW BILL TO PICK UP THE TORCH LEFT BURNING... Give them your name and address and document whom you spoke to when you called. Certification will make the Public Aware of the risks they put their Pets at when assumming their Pet is safe when being handled by a Groomer. The owners whose dogs died, ALL assummed that Pet Groomers were required to be trained, tested and licensed same as barbers, hairstylists and manicurists, had they only known!


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