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Stop shelters from using gas to euthanize, it's inhumane


It is inhuman to these helpless animals. Shelter animals deserve for they're last moments to be humane. These gas chambers are fiiled so full with animals, that some are living through the torture. The use of gas is a slow killer. These animals are yelping, howling& clawing to get out, some become aggressive because of the stress& the chemicals filling they're little bodies. When the gas enters they're bodies it can cause vomiting,  seizures, gasping for every last breath. What if your family pet got away, was unclaimed, would you want to know this is how a part of your family is going to die. There are services out there willing to help educate and train facilities on using humane methods of euthanizing. There are some states that are stopping the use of gas for a method of euthanasia but there are so many more that still need to be stopped. These animals have beating hearts, joy, love, loyalty. They deserve to be treated humane. These animals didn't ask to be on this earth, but they're here, loving unconditionally, wanting to be loved and cared about in return. So until we can figure out how to control over breeding,  lets at least, for now give these animals the respect they deserve in they're last moments, let them know that there are people who love and care for them back.

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