Stop Shell’s Dangerous Offshore Drilling Exploration in the Arctic

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Stop Shell’s Dangerous Offshore Drilling Exploration in the Arctic

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Royal Dutch Shell’s efforts to drill in the U.S. Arctic have been plagued by mistakes and problems. Yet after years of failure, Shell recently requested that the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) retroactively suspend its leases.

If BSEE grants the request, the deadline for Shell’s leases would be extended by five years – giving Shell the opportunity to prolong the Arctic’s exposure to drilling danger for free.

In 1984, I became committed to protecting our planet’s oceans after my family and I moved to Santa Monica Canyon, about ten blocks from the Pacific. At the time I was starring on the show “Cheers” and was taking a walk with my daughters on the beach when we came to a sign that read: “Water polluted, no swimming.” I didn’t know how to explain to them why the beach was closed. That was my call to do whatever I could to protect our oceans.

Shell already has a dangerous track record, and if it’s allowed five more years to drill on the leases in question, the Arctic's polar bears, ice seals, belugas and many other iconic inhabitants will be thrust further in harm's way. The oil industry cannot adequately contain or clean a spill in the Arctic Ocean, and a single accident could cause serious harm to the sensitive ocean environment and the communities and wildlife that depend on it.

Shell is the only oil company still actively exploring drilling in the U.S. Arctic Ocean. If BSEE denies Shell’s request for an extension, it will deal a major blow to Shell’s efforts.

Polar bears and hundreds of other majestic creatures depend on a healthy Arctic Ocean for survival, but their habitat is at risk. If the federal government continues to allow Shell to explore and drill in this wild and wonderful environment, we can be sure that spills will follow.

Just because Shell has spent a lot of money trying doesn’t mean the government should bend the rules toaccommodate them or any other company.

Please sign our petition calling on BSEE to deny Shell’s request for five additional years of dangerous offshore oil exploration in the U.S. Arctic.

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