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The following people are boycotting NatGeo’s “Shark Men” as it uses potentially harmful research techniques to further a TV Reality Show.


The damaging effects of SPOT Tags bolted on the fins of sharks has already been well documented and proven. Further, the data gained by these tags has not only failed to show any ground breaking new science that has been pivotal in helping save the species, but in fact has proven the failure of the devices and capturing technique. Finally, the editing and style of the show depicts researchers as inexperienced and unprofessional and makes this more of a Reality Show than a Documentary.


National Geographic has a strong history of educating the world about wildlife. Has the company sold out its ethics to now promote harm to wildlife for TV ratings?


We ask National Geographic to suspend promotion of “Shark Men”, airing of “Shark Men”, and filming of “Shark Men” until they fully evaluate the hard data on the damaging effects of SPOT Tags.


We hope National Geographic will act responsibly in this matter and do the right thing, alleviating any possible negative publicity.



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