Stop Shark Finning!

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Sharks play a vital role in the marine ecosystem as apex predators. They prey after the old, sick fish to maintain a strong, healthy ecosystem for the greater benefit of mankind and nature. But sharks are slowly being driven towards extinction because of an Asian delicacy known as shark fin soup. To get these shark fins, people haul the sharks on deck, hack of their fins then throw them back into the water to drown, bleed or to be eaten by other prey or predator. There are multiple restaurants in Singapore that serve shark fin soup. Removing sharks from the ecosystem is like removing the foundation of a big building - total collapse. Even though many campaigns are trying to stop this problem people keep on finning sharks at the same rate (100 million sharks a year). If no action is taken the sharks will die and so will 40% of the earth’s oxygen supply. We need each one of you to join us, as a nation we can take one step and then go further. Sign this petition and take one step forward to our goal, stop shark finning. Come on Singapore, take a stand!

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