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Renovate New York City's Sewer System!

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New York City’s sewer system is more than a century old.  When the sewer system was first invented back in 1855, the population of New York City was much smaller, and therefore used less water.  Nowadays, New York City uses much more water than the outdated sewer system can possibly accommodate. NYC’s wastewater treatment plants process 1.3 billion gallons of water each day. When the sewer system was built, Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) were created as a Plan B in case the system filled with too much water. Instead of wastewater flooding into the streets of New York, CSOs ensure that the wastewater goes straight into the Hudson River. CSOs happen often enough to be of real concern. The first step to finding a solution is to encourage government officials of New York to take action. This petition is fighting for the environment of New York City. By entering your name, we take one step toward ending pollution in the waterways of New York. We need to convince our government that our sewer systems need to be renovated, not just for the sake of today's citizens, but for the future of our environment. We need to show our New York City government that this idea is supported by its citizens.

In addition to signing the petition, we ask you to take this pledge to conserve water:

  • I will turn off the water when brushing my teeth and soaping up my hands/body.
  • I will use reusable water bottles instead of plastic.
  • I can limit my shower time during storms.
  • I can plant greenery so that water has an alternate runoff place.

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