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 To take Legal Action against the countries of China, Iran and Russia for

Sending ships to Syria to blatantly kill the People of Syria~ and Egypt for allowing these ships thru the Suez Canal.
Negotiations for the Arms Trade Treaty will take place July 2-27, 2012 in New York.
Campaign Against the Arms Trade warns:
'An arms trade treaty will be worthwhile only if it stops arms sales .. to areas of conflict and to human rights violators. It is unlikely the proposed treaty will do this....
Unsurprisingly, the arms trade treaty is supported by the arms industry which sees it as providing a "level playing field" rather than imposing additional constraints.'
Ref: Amnesty International reported on the 19th June:
'The increased use of helicopters by the Syrian army is putting civilians at even greater risk and further strengthens the case for an international arms embargo,

The latest shipment underscores the need for UN members to agree an effective international Arms Trade Treaty – when final negotiations begin in a few weeks – that will protect human rights and stop arms transfers where there is a substantial risk they are likely to be used for serious human rights violations or international crimes.

In the course of its research work in Syria during April and May, Amnesty International has found that helicopters have regularly been used for cover and surveillance during ground operations.

Helicopters have also been used to fire machine guns and reportedly rockets. As with other arms, Syrian forces have used helicopters recklessly, leading to civilian casualties.'

  • Amnesty International’s Senior Crisis Adviser Donatella Rovera, after recently spending several weeks in Syria, reported:

    "As confrontations between the Syrian army and armed opposition groups have intensified in recent weeks, the Syrian army seems to be resorting ever more to the use of combat helicopters, which risks increasing civilian casualties.

    “In this context, anyone supplying attack helicopters – or maintaining, repairing or upgrading them – for the Syrian government displays a wanton disregard for humanity.”


    (has pictures and more evidence etc on that link)
Letter to
Office of the High Commissioner For Human Rights
H.E. Mr. Li Baddong
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International Criminal Court
Vitaly Churkin
Colonel Alexander V Parshin
Colonel Nikolay V Blednykh
Ms Susan E Rice
I want to express to you my deepest concerns for the ongoing Genocide in Syria whose people I have come to know and love~ Whose land and mountains and rivers and streams and history and art and music and beauty are embedded in my Heart and Soul~ When I see all the videos and pictures I post...and think I cannot look another day yet somehow find the strength...i knew I had to stop the carnage in everyway I could. The dispicable and outrageous attempt of Russia, China and Iran to send ships and of Egypt to allow these ships thru the Suez Canal is yet another evil...and we need to stop it. And we need to stop it now.

I implore you to do all you can to stop the bloodshed in Syria, in particular to impose an arms embargo on Syria in order to stop the flow of weapons to the Syrian government, and establish an effective plan to monitor what should and should not pass thru International Waters.. as per Amnesty International's recent appeal to the UN Security Council.

In the absence of such an embargo, please do whatever you can to ensure that all governments immediately stop transfers to the Syrian government of all weapons, munitions, military, security, and policing equipment, training and personnel.

Without weapons, the bloodshed cannot continue and innocent lives will be saved. Without your support, without you lending your voice and stopping this continual sending of ships loaded with ammunition, arms, artillery and soldiers..your and my brothers and sisters, Children of God will die...the babies, the children, the women, the men, the protesters, whole families, entire towns and villages and cities, torn apart from shelling and the loss, the unfathomable loss of life ...families broken...destroyed...loved ones broken and destroyed. We need to take a stand and we need to take it longer be silent...sing loud and The Syrian is not silent...but proud and strong and dignified and most of all inspirational...The Syrian says Freedom or Death....the Death must stop, the Torture must stop...the detainment must stop....Thanks also to all who have helped me, tiredlessly, with the Translation~

With warmest regards and my thanks from the Heart~

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