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Stop Poisoning our food - We need more Food Safety Officers to protect us!

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My dear brothers and sisters, 

Today, the health and wellness of every citizen of India is in doubt as you know! Current situation is so precarious that we cannot trust the safety let alone the quality of food items we buy for our homes; be it vegetables or fruits, cereals or pulses, fast-food or instant food, packaged or perishable foods, nothing is pure and safe. The impact of adulterants and preservatives loaded into our daily essential foods have reached such levels that even the genetic integrity of our children has become a ticking bomb.

There is a whole black market that is silently operating, reaping profits trading off our health by creating new products or unsuspicious duplicates using unhealthy food substitutes, hazardous chemicals, repacking expired products and finally these compounds get pumped into local markets and even the best of best groceries and retail chains. No wonder the number of cancer patients are sky-rocketing day by day in God's Own Country! 

Presently, nothing is spared from their conspiracy starting from bread and biscuits to milk and meat. This is done by hacking the supply chain at various levels strategically such that most retailers and sellers are unaware that they are selling the slow poisoned version of neatly packed food. Others are not bothered at all risking consumer health to make profits. Also, so many sellers are not wary or concerned about the storage and handling conditions of food stuffs that we end up buying contaminated or spoiled products. The amount of pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals found in vegetables and fruits is a never-ending topic to be discussed. The upcoming supplement industry that puts the bodies of teenagers under tremendous stress and ruins a rising generation is yet another sad topic! The status quo in Kerala is no different and the entire state is facing a major threat from the food they eat. If this is the condition of a State with highest literacy rate think about other Indian states! 

Now, in order to prevent this from happening we need to implement an efficient monitoring system in place. This herculean task would not be possible unless we have Food Safety Officers(FSO) in accordance to the numbers of business operators and the growing population. The current number of FSOs is a joke for an entire State that is a platform of growing food-chains and ever-expanding food industry. Appointing 1 FSO each Panchayat in the state can change this dangerous situation substantially; but still there are qualified and experienced candidates in the ranklist waiting to be posted as FSOs.

The government is yet to make a decision on appointing FSOs at Panchayat level to protect public health. Is there a connivance of corporate food industries & MNC lobbies that prevents us from getting what we deserve? ARE WE ALLOWING THE FOOD MAFIA TO KILL US & OUR CHILDREN SLOWLY? Isn't it high time we respond for a positive change? We request you all to help us by signing the petition so that this act creates ripples and other States in India also take steps to appoint enough Food Safety Officers who can curb the unjust acts of Food Mafias.

Whoever is stopping our basic need to survive deserves no mercy. Let us stand together and voice for our fundamental right to eat good food that is safe for human consumption! We want safe food to safeguard the health of invaluable lives of crores of citizens. 

We request you to protect our health and childrens' lives with your strong support. Thank you!

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