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Stop Selling Puppies in Crews Hill, Enfield

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The owner is meant to be closing down Springtime Top Pets, everything in there is 50% off and all the exotic birds have gone and there are still 6 puppies there. On September 13th he was selling husky dogs which were extremely scared and cowering in the corner and too big to be kept incarcerated but there appears to be another pet shop in Browns Garden Centre in Crews Hill which is allegedly owned by them as they were seen there this weekend and the shop is full of birds and puppies.

The puppies being sold in the pet shops in the Crews Hill area, namely Top Pets & Browns Garden Centre are extremely young and could very likely have come from puppy mill farms. They are stuck in glass fish tank-like boxes all day and night and when they catch the sun all day it makes their containers even hotter. They are not socialised with or comforted. They have no bedding or toys, they are lying on shredded newspaper all day and have to eat and defecate in the same place which puppies do not like doing. They are left alone from shop close to shop open.  They also charge extortionate prices. 

By buying the puppies people are unknowingly supporting animal cruelty. These dogs are far too small to be away from their mothers. Puppies at that age need love and affection, and interaction, not to be incarcerated. The development of a puppy is very important at that age.

Awareness must be made and for this to be stopped, this is no life for them. They could  very likely have health or emotional issues as a result, no fresh air or interaction. They are like zoos - people ogling them all day. 

If you saw the desperate pleas in the eyes of these puppies, you would never forget it. Please, let's make this stop, every one of your voices is important.



Enfield Council please do something about this!

Thank you.




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