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The civil rights of 80 million Americans are being erased as control over their lives is sold to companies that care more about profits than patients.

The Administration has been quietly auctioning off Medicaid and Medicare to for-profit HMOs.  This federal subsidy totals about $11 billion a month now, and is growing. Between $2 billion and $5 billion is skimmed off the top every month for profits.

This campaign is about putting an end to this outrageous subsidy and reinstating the civil rights that have been stolen from my daughter and eighty million other Americans.  We need legislation now!

More than half the people on Medicaid are children, and adults, children and senior citizens with disabilities make up another 28%.  Together, these medically vulnerable populations account for 86% of the national Medicaid budget,

My beautiful daughter Hannah is one of them.  Control over life and death decisions for her was auctioned off to one of these for-profit HMOs about thirty months ago.  Hannah is medically fragile, and at 24/7 risk of death from her seizures.  Nevertheless, medically necessary services and treatments, and even prescriptions, are routinely denied.  The company claims it's losing money while nationally its net earnings soared 313% in the past three years.  

Meanwhile, the Administration is unravelling fifty years of civil rights legislation. The Supreme Court is considering denying everyone on Medicaid the protection of federal law.  New regulations clearly state the government’s guarantee not to challenge "state sovereignty" over Medicaid, including keeping track of how $11 billion a month of taxpayer money is being spent. Or even if it’s being spent at all.

Please join our campaign to stop this obscene subsidy to Wall Street HMOs, and to restore all the civil rights that have been decimated by White House pandering to big business. Eighty million Americans should not be turned into second-class citizens!




Letter to
Rafael Del Castillo
Attorney General Eric H. Holder
Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr.
and 3 others
Secretary, DHHS Kathleen Sebelius
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Federal subsidies to for-profit HMOs in the form of Medicaid and Medicare payments must stop.

Legislation is needed immediately to remedy this situation, before it worsens.

These subsidies are threatening the civil rights of children, people of all ages with disabilities, and the elderly, because these are the people comprising 86% of the national Medicaid budget.

The amicus brief filed by Acting Solicitor General Neal K. Katyal Douglas v. Independent Living Center of Southern California (09-958) threatens the lives, safety, and civil rights of every Medicaid recipient in this country.

At a time when states are seeking quick solutions to long term cost problems that have more to do with Wall Street greed and incompetence than all Medicaid recipients put together, the federal government should not be withdrawing the tools Medicaid recipients need to balance the field.

The extent to which the brief may violate the hard-won civil rights of people with disabilities, the elderly and other defined groups needs to be more closely examined. How can the government deny our children, our elderly, and our citizens with disabilities access to federal court?

For-profit HMOs do not need federal subsidies. From $2 billion to $5 billion a month in federal funds designated for Medicaid and Medicare are instead shunted into profits.

I support the campaign calling on you to step in, and ask that the brief be withdrawn.

I look forward to your reply at the responses email below.

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