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Stop selling inhumane animal traps

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Amazon is selling a product that maims and kills pets and wildlife. Together, we can convince them to stop.

A needlessly barbaric hunting trap could be yours for as little as $6 on Amazon. The trap works by snapping shut on the leg or neck of an animal. It rarely kills the animal instantly - instead, the trapped animal suffers for days, sometimes chewing off its own limb in an attempt to escape. Regulations for traps like these vary greatly by state, but Amazon will ship them to you no matter where you are.

My name is Chris, and I have seen firsthand what traps can do. I volunteer at a wildlife center where victims of traps have been treated. It is time for us to end the use of cruel spring traps, and Amazon can help lead the way. Removing the traps from its site would greatly limit access and be a giant first step in stopping the cruel practice.

If their customers want to hunt, there are many more humane methods to choose. Join me in calling on Amazon to remove cruel spring traps from its site.

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. Having the Amazon brand attached to a product lends it legitimacy and guarantees the widest market possible. If Amazon removes the traps from its site, it will send a strong message: Amazon doesn’t traffic in cruelty.

These traps are like landmines in our forests and on our trails. Hidden, and often forgotten, the victims are not just wildlife. Beloved pets, and even people, can accidentally step on a trap, leading to broken bones or the loss of an appendage. Should something so dangerous, indiscriminate, and inhumane be sold by a company as big and respected as Amazon?

Amazon has a choice: sell cruelty on its site, or assist in preventing the needless pain and suffering of animals. Join us in getting Amazon to make the right decision. Sign the petition demanding that Amazon remove spring traps from its website.

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