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Stop Seal Slaughter in our World

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This petition will be sent to Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper to Ottawa, Ontario Canada.
The exploitation and commercial slaughter of the harp seal is one of the most tragic stories ever known to mankind. Since I can remember as a young woman I wrote letters and looked at horrific pictures of white furry baby seals skinned alive with the snow blood red around them. It is still going on, baby seals are still squealing for their lives on the ice in Canada.
The European Union ban on white coat pelts imports and the boycott of Canadian Seafood in Britain (1983,1987) had a dramatic impact on the number of seals killed and the commmercial market as a whole.
In 2009, the European Union expanded the seal pelt import ban to include all seal products (pills, etc). This became law in 2010.
In 2011 Russia and Russia Unions of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federates have completely banned trade of all seal products and products of threatened species.
The world does not want, nor need, cruel seal products.
When the ice floes are sparce and ice is thin, seal pups drown in large numbers. In 2011, the ice floes were in very poor condition. In February 2011, the ice cover was the worst in recorded history, but this did not stop the Canadian Government from setting an astronomical quota for the killing of harp seal pups.
40 % of baby seals killed are skinned alive. Most harp seals killed are babies not older than 3 months. The pelt is ripped off while they are still alive....what is left is their carcass and the two big black eyes on their liveless skull. The red blood seaping into the snow is at stark contrast and shows the savagery of the human in its fullest measure. We cannot stand by any longer.

Seals are blamed for overfishing. Seals are blamed for everything.

Seals are skinned alive, hit and axed to death, squirming in the pool of their own warm red blood spraying the white snow and ice with horror and pain. Their cries and squeals and screaching shouts of hellish death echo over the cold plains and are unheard and unheaded by the Canadian Government. They dump their thousands of useless bodies into the sea or leave them on the ice.

We are asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper to finally put an end to this horror story.
We are pledging to boycott Canadian Seafood as well as boycott Canadian Tourism until the commercial killing of innocent seals has stopped in Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Canadian Seal Slaughter needs to end.

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