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Stop Scitech Perth live chicken exhibit

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Scitech Perth promotes science education to public and especially children. The centre has a live chick hatching exhibit, where the public can watch chicken eggs hatch before their eyes in a glass dome. These chicks live in this dome where they are provided food and water. It is suspected that once they are 1-2 weeks old, they are sent to a wildlife park where they are fed to reptiles.

This petition is to urge Scitech to remove the live chicks exhibit on accounts of unethical treatment to animals.

There have been numerous pleas from the public to remove this exhibit. If Scitech’s intention is to educate the public on biology, a short video will do the job. It is unnecessary to hatch these eggs and create lives just for the purpose of a 2-week display. Many of these chicks appear sick and motionless. Scitech’s standard response is that they have obtained ethics license and met all the required standards. And that they ensure all chicks are healthy and well looked after. Their view of animal welfare is certainly to be questioned.

Healthy and looked after chicks do not live in a glass dome where people can stare at them. They should be with their mothers who protect them. Here are some information on normal hen and chicks interactions:

“There is some evidence of prehatching interactions between hens and chicks. Embryos and hens begin to vocalize the day before hatching and do so more and more often as hatching approaches. If an embryo begins to give a distress call, the hen vocalizes or moves on the nest and the embryo becomes silent or begins to emit pleasure calls.

For the first 10 to 12 days after hatching, chicks stay close to the hen. After this age, they begin to feed independently of the hen but still sleep and warm themselves under her. This stage lasts from six to eight weeks of age. “


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