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Stop Sara Piana from Stealing the Late Rich Piana's Wealth and Property

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Moments following the death of beloved bodybuilder and former Mr. California Rich Piana, his ex-wife Sara Piana (née Sara Heimisdottir) also known as Sara Heimis, immediately proclaimed a false marital status in relation to him to every tabloid and media outlet - repeatedly claiming that she is still legally married to him despite Rich Piana annulling the marriage after catching Sara Piana revealing to a relative that she only wants to get a Green Card out of Rich. Also, despite Sara Piana's recent public engagement to male escort Chris Miller. Sara Piana also posted her opportunistic proclamation on instagram, magnanimously claiming to even have once saved Rich Piana's life, all the more making it too obvious what her opportunistic self-serving motive is, as she wants to get both Rich Piana's wealth (he is valued at $2.5 million), his estate and the 5% Nutrition company.

Fans who followed Rich Piana's incredible journey know Sara Piana's complicity in some of the hardships Rich faced in the past year leading up to his death. For example, when Sara Piana took to social media to cheer up a thug who had stalked Rich Piana at a fitness expo and tried to physically assault Rich. She also began associating with infamous celebrity-stalkers Amy Waz and Damon Dana - both of whom worked tirelessly to destroy every aspect of Rich Piana's life. But support from Rich's fans never wavered and matter of fact, he seemed to emerge stronger and more loved after all the trials and attempts at character assassination, until the two venomous stalkers finally launched a smear campaign that tried to paint him as a drug dealer and a White Supremacist. Rich Piana being someone who worked so hard to bring together ALL people who lift, that smear campaign that dug from a single private moment of anger from his past, seems to have put him in a dark place where he momentarily relapsed into substance abuse, a habit former convict and stalker Amy Waz had got him into so as to manipulate him; which led to his unfortunate death. Therefore it's an inhumane injustice of the worst kind for one of the vindictive people who led to Rich Piana's demise, to suddenly lay claim to what he built.

Despite Rich Piana being the most popular personality in the fitness industry, he was also the most accessible and the most approachable; treating each and every single fan with respect, going out of his way to take the time to know the multitudes of fans who crowded to meet him at fitness expos. And not once did Rich Piana ever show an ounce of the hubris that tends to come with stardom and celebrity. On the contrary, the more successful he got, the more time he dedicated to his fans, even though he did not have to. He knew his fans helped him build everything, and we as his fans should defend his legacy from thieves and narcissists who brought nothing but misery to Rich's life. Sara Piana is trying to take what she had no hand in building, and the fans who supported Rich throughout his journey should make this statement to prevent this act of thievery from occurring. And if she has to be deported because she has extended her visa in the US and is therefore here illegally, then so be it. So let this stand as a statement from Rich Piana's friends and fans to defend the legacy he tirelessly built all by himself. There will never be another Rich Piana. Legends never die.



We miss you, Rich!



  • The Diabetic Emergency Rich Piana has is caused by injecting insulin which bodybuilders use to gain muscle mass. The alcohol that Sara, who was obviously sober had him drink, made it worse. Sara was also the one who administered his shots so who knows how much or what she put in the insulin shot, just so she can get Rich Piana incapacitated.
  • Sara Piana knows very well such diabetic emergency episodes can turn fatal at any moment, and there are only two options save Rich: one, call an ambulance, or two, give Rich Piana some form of sugar or glucose. But in the video, she does neither and continues to film him, while trying to manipulate him into incriminating himself, and so Rich despite being barely able to stand up and unable to open the candy on the bed to get glucose in his blood,has to go and reach for nearby cookies by himself while she is condescendingly breathing behind his back whilst feigning fear and still persistently trying to plant words in his mouth so people think Rich Piana is having a drug overdose. But all Rich says coherently in the entire video is, "You've never videotaped me drinking" and "You've never had a video of me drinking," to which she tried to change the subject. And so like with the leaked audio, and despite his state, Rich knew something fishy is going on.
  • The video was filmed a long time before Rich knew Sara Piana was stealing from him. It proves that Sara Piana had been planning to abuse Rich and rob him from the very beginning. It shows a premeditated plan to rob Rich Piana, slander him and ruin his legacy. The level of manipulation showed in the video, where Rich is completely helpless, barely conscious and at his most vulnerable while she films and tries to incriminate him, is a clear case of ABUSE, and she should face some form of legal consequences for it.
  • What's even more revolting, is what Sara Piana did after she had filmed her extortion material. She just left Rich alone and someone else had to come to the hotel and help Rich out while Sara put on make up, called friends, left to look for crystal meth, came back and locked herself in the bathroom doing crystal meth while the other person continued trying to save Rich by raising his blood sugar through food and hydrating him. This other person had to stay by Rich Piana's side for 8 hours while Sara did absolutely nothing, except get high on crystal meth. Rich Piana could have died that day!
  • The whole video is part of Sara Piana's plan to manufacture a narrative that paints Rich Piana in the worst possible way whilst portraying her, the convicted thief meth addict with a warrant out for her arrest, as an innocent victim. She plans on releasing more HUMILIATING VIDEOS and AUDIOS of Rich Piana that she either secretly recorded and filmed, or recorded when she had either drugged Rich for him to be unaware of what was going on, or when he was having diabetic episodes due to insulin. So expect more slander against Rich from her end, more compromising and humiliating recordings that demonize Rich and ruin his legacy for good.
  • Fortunately, just like the leaked audio of Rich Piana confronting Sara Piana for stealing from him, this leaked video of Rich Piana having a diabetic emergency opened more people's eyes to how sick, depraved, conniving, manipulative, twisted and dangerous Sara Piana is as a psychopath. She wanted the world to see Rich Piana as a dangerous, drugged out maniac that "scared" her as she puts it in the video, but all WE see is an inebriated, barely conscious, half-naked, helpless man who is barely able to stand up, being abused and entrapped by a complete psychopath behind a camera. The video shows nothing but PURE EVIL. Even the sickest of criminals don't desecrate the dead like this or try to humiliate the dead like this by flaunting exploits of abusing the dead when they were alive. PURE EVIL.
  • Finally, leaking the video as Sara Piana did is ILLEGAL because she films Rich Piana at a private place while he is half-naked and too incapacitated to be able to give CONSENT to be filmed in private in such a state. The video legally falls under the same category as REVENGE PORN, and like the leaked audio, the only one implicated is Sara Piana. Charges can be pressed against her for this, and if Rich Piana was alive, he would also have legal claim to sue as he did not give CONSENT and was in no state to do so. At this point, either the Delray Beach Police who arrested Sara Piana for shoplifting and petty theft, or the authorities of where the filming took place, or federal law enforcement should be contacted in regards to this latest crime of hers, more so since she continues to disobey court orders to face charges of theft.

At this point it is not even about protecting Rich Piana's legacy and everything he worked tirelessly to build,or just putting an end to the desecration of the dead. At this point it is about speaking up for human decency because the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.

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