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Stop S-Comm in New York! Gov. Cuomo, End Unjust Deportations

Join the fight in New York State against the unjust deportation system, and demand that Governor Cuomo end the S-Comm program immediately.

Last year, New York State gave Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) the green light to partner with police through a federal fingerprinting program called “Secure Communities," or S-Comm, a program plagued with controversy. S-Comm encourages racial profiling, undermines community trust in the police, and puts tens of thousands of people into an unjust deportation system each year. Even victims of domestic violence!

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn just announced that his state would quit the S-Comm program after a months-long investigation, which revealed deep concerns over the way that immigrants were being targeted and families split apart. Now, New York state legislators and advocates are pressuring Gov. Cuomo to immediately do the same.

The good news is that we can still stop S-Comm in New York State before it gets implemented statewide!

Don't let New York tear our families and communities apart. Sign your name to tell Governor Cuomo to end New York's "Secure Communities" agreement immediately!

Letter to
Gov. Cuomo
Our country faces a crisis of mass detentions and deportations that violates our notions of fairness and justice.

Last year, New York State signed an agreement to give Immigration and Customs Enforcement the green light to partner with police to help deport people through a fingerprinting program called “Secure Communities.” Under S-Comm, local police run the fingerprints of all arrestees through immigration databases so that immigrants can be tagged for deportation. This program undermines trust in the police. It makes us all less safe when community members are afraid to cooperate with local police investigations. Even worse, S-Comm violates our rights with threats of increased racial profiling and deprives us of the fundamental principles of liberty guaranteed in the Constitution.

ICE uses programs like S-Comm as a dragnet to deport immigrants. Often sent to remote detention centers, most immigrants are forced to defend themselves without loved ones, information, or even lawyers to help them navigate the deportation process. Meanwhile, their families and communities are deprived of support systems and breadwinners. New York cannot tolerate its residents getting torn from their homes and community. Governor Cuomo, you have the power to protect New York's immigrants and to stop the destruction of our families and communities.

We ask that you, Governor Cuomo, immediately end New York’s Secure Communities agreement.

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