STOP Russian Embassy in Canada From Posting PROPAGANDA, LIES, HATE SPEECH War In Ukraine

STOP Russian Embassy in Canada From Posting PROPAGANDA, LIES, HATE SPEECH War In Ukraine

April 13, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by S. Collette

Why is Canada Allowing the Russian Embassy in Ottawa to weaponizes its social media accounts to fuel support for Russian Aggression in Ukraine. 

It is time for Canada to step it up and BAN these FALSE NARRATIVES and stop the Russian Embassy glorifying the GENOCIDE of Ukrainian People.

It is time for these Russian Diplomats to go home. They have been spreading lies for years.

Canadians have been messaging their MP's with NO RESPONSE,  NO RESULT.

In a recent April 12, 2022 statement from Embassy of The Russian Federation in Canada, among other PROPAGANDA and LIES, it states that the April 8, Kramatorsk is the sole responsibility of Ukrainian Forces. 

Russia’s embassy in Canada issued a batshit crazy statement in which it blamed Ukraine for harboring Nazis, and claimed “Goebbels-style” propaganda is being pushed by the West.

The embassy in Ottawa attempted to portray Ukraine’s leaders as Nazis who are relying on propaganda to paint Russia as the aggressor.

“Russia continues its special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine,” an embassy statement which was not attributed to any particular individual stated. “The Russian army does not occupy Ukrainian territory and takes all measures to preserve the lives and safety of civilians.”

The Russian Embassy is upset with Canadian protests? Many were at the protest and I was told, it was entirely peaceful, but not respectful. Until Russia’s monstrous president is stopped, citizens of the world will not stand by and stay nothing.

All Canadians must speak up against this tyrannical hatemonger who is not content to let other countries live independently with democratically elected governments. The time has come for western democracies to fight back, whether it be by sanctions, peaceful protest, or financial and military aid to Ukraine.

I am lucky to have been born in Canada, a country where you can protest and not worry about being beaten up, arrested, jailed or killed for your opinion. I think it is time that the Canadian government expelled the Russian Ambassador and shuttered the embassy. Russia is a pariah on the world stage and has proven that it is not interested in respecting borders or independent neighbours.

Canada needs to Immediately Expell these Russian Diplomats.

As a Canadian Ukrainian the LIES, FAKE NEWS and PROPAGANDA MUST STOP by the Russian Embassy in Canada.

We the undersigned call on Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau to Immediately Expell Russian Diplomats in Canada and from Russian Embassy in Ottawa.


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Signatures: 1,310Next Goal: 1,500
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