Mandate aquatic toxicity symbol on detergent packages to reduce river pollution

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Ganesh Bora started this petition to Dr. Harsh Vardhan (Minister of Environment Forests & Climate Change (MOEF&CC)) and

River Water pollution is a major environmental issue in India. The largest source of water pollution in India is untreated sewage.

Phosphorus or phosphate present in detergents used for cleaning purpose in household is the main reason of water pollution.

Common People are not aware about that use of detergents in houses are cleaning there cloths and polluting there holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and Mula and Pavana..

Curiously, India has never lacked detergent phosphate 'standards'. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, formulated 'scientific parameters' for phosphate in cleansing agents back in 1968.

Globally Harmonized System - Aquatic toxicity Symbol

Considering the importance of Rivers and Aquatic species Globally Harmonized System introduced the symbol for Aquatic toxicity.

Aquatic toxicity is defined as the study of the effects of a chemical substance to aquatic species which is usually determined on organisms representing the three trophic levels, i.e. vertebrates (fish), invertebrates (crustaceans as Daphnia) and plants (algae).

Acute (short-term) hazard, for classification purposes, means the hazard of a chemical caused by its acute toxicity to an organism during short-term aquatic exposure to that chemical. ... Bio concentration means net result of uptake, transformation and elimination of a substance in an organism due to waterborne exposure.

We request you  Under the National Action Plan for Chemicals (NAPC) mandate the GHS - Aquatic toxicity symbol on detergents which includes the chemicals like Phosphorus.

Make the required amendments under labeling and packaging law for detergents to put the required Aquatic toxicity symbol, caution and message in there labeling.

Considering importance of Rivers also make it mandate to show such message in advertisements of detergents and cleaning products.

US and UK countries are following this rule. Products exported to these courtiers from India are following these rules.

In India we have such kind of rule for Cigarette and Tobacco Products to keep 85% of space on labels and packaging  for caution Warning  messages, same rule we can apply for detergents too to reserve some percentage of space for this message.

Adding this symbol will help in making awareness about reducing usage of such products.




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