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Stop ripping up green space to build shopping centers - Support sustainable land use

 Please join the Citizens for Oakwood in our effort to keep the last large tract of undeveloped land in our community from becoming a big box shopping mall. The property, consisting of 150 acres in the adjoining cities of South Euclid and Cleveland Heights, Ohio, has been a country club and golf course since 1905.

We understand that municipalities need revenue and that the developer has promised tax revenue from sales receipts, retail payrolls and property taxes.

However, extensive research has shown that big box retail developments often COST local communities more in the long run than they ever deliver in taxes.

Negative financial impacts of big box development include increased traffic and crime, causing a need for more police. Noise and light pollution degrade quality of life in the immediate area, and housing values fall.

Most area residents say they neither need nor want more retail. There are no less than six malls or shopping centers within three to four miles of Oakwood; several are struggling with vacancies. Our main streets are lined with empty storefronts.

In contrast, consider the positive effects of green space in the form of a public park: access to nature, the protection of magnificent trees and wildlife habitat, cleaner air, and natural storm water management. We know that parks increase housing values, improve quality of life and are a powerful magnet for new residents.  

To fund the protection and maintenance of precious green space, perhaps communities in our region could cooperate to impose plastic bag fees or increase collaboration on community services. But first, we must demonstrate to the developer that his purchase of Oakwood does not entitle him to a zoning change that will suit his purpose.

Please sign our petition to send the message to our elected officials that paving over scarce never-developed land is NOT sustainable. And when other alternatives exist, it is inexcusable.


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Within the Heights and Hillcrest Communities of Northeast Ohio, land that has never been built upon is a rare and precious resource.

A developer's purchase of the Oakwood Country Club property and proposal to build a big box retail shopping mall on 150 acres of undeveloped land has demonstrated this point. Although the commercial areas of our communities provide abundant vacant retail space, the developer has chosen to request major zoning changes to accommodate this development.

In order to preserve green space and protect our quality of life for this and future generations, I am joining fellow residents and friends of these communities to support new development ONLY on previously developed land.

We support sensible commercial development on already developed and already commercially zoned land, as appropriate to meet the needs of the community.

We support sensible residential development on already developed and already residentially zoned land, as appropriate to meet the needs of the community.

Any serious proposal to deviate from this common sense approach to sustainable land use should be subject to a democratic vote of the citizens.

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