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Stop repeat offences by child molesters. Allow adult survivors to report childhood abuse

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I was sexually abused by my cousin’s husband when I was a little girl.

I would wake up at night to find him sitting next to me in the dark. He would put his hands and mouth on my private parts. I would lie there, terrified and disgusted.

I was so ashamed and confused that I told no one about the abuse. It continued till I turned 13.

It was only as an adult that I realized what had happened to me. I also realized that I was not alone.

Many child molesters are repeat offenders. They continue to abuse young children over decades.

This meant that many of my young cousins and nieces were in danger. So I gathered courage and spoke to my family about it.

My story was immediately confirmed by another cousin. She too had been abused by the same man.

I decided to stop my molester from abusing more children by filing a complaint against him. But the police did not know of a law or legal route that they could use to allow an adult survivor to file a complaint about childhood abuse.

I felt helpless and powerless. I could take no action against my molester, I could not prevent him from committing more abuse if he wanted to.

But, I’m not willing to give up. That’s why I started this petition asking the Government of India to allow adult survivors to file complaints about childhood abuse. Sign my petition.

It’s unrealistic to expect young children to walk to a police station and file a complaint about abuse.

As a child I did not even know what was happening to me. I thought this was my fault, and I didn't even realize that I could go to an adult for help. I could only stay silent.

But, I am an adult now, and I should have support and legal means to stop my molester from potentially continuing his offences on other children.

Unfortunately, my story is not unique. What I have written about happens to many many children. There are many adults like me who are carrying the burden of childhood abuse.

We need your support. To get justice for ourselves and protect other children from abuse.

Sign my petition and appeal to the Indian Government to allow adult survivors of child abuse to file complaints.