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    On April 6th, the House Commerce sub-committee in the Tennessee General Assembly will vote on a bill that repeals living wage laws already passed by local governments in our state. These living wage laws ensure that local governments contract only with responsible companies who pay their workers enough to meet their basic needs. The proposed state bill represents a major interference in local affairs.

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State Representative Kent Williams
State Representative Ryan Haynes
State Representative Dale Carr
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State Representative Charles Curtiss
State Representative Dennis Roach
State Representative Joseph Pitts
State Representative Charles Sargent
State Representative Mike Carter
State Representative Jon Lundberg
State Representative David Shepard
State Representative Steve McManus
State Representative Dawn White
State Representative Pat Marsh
I am writing to urge you to vote no on HB 598 when it appears in your committee. This bill represents a major intrusion by the state into local government affairs. It will repeal living wage laws that have already been on the books in Memphis and Shelby County for years.
These living wage laws were passed after careful consideration by our local elected officials. They ensure that the city and county contract only with responsible businesses who do not leave their workers in poverty. The Memphis City Council's living wage ordinance has been so successful that the Council expanded it in 2008 to cover the contractors of our public utility. As these living wage laws were considered, no contractors came foward to complain that these laws were burdensome or unfair.
If passed, HB 598/SB 630 could cut some workers pay by as more than 40 percent, and workers will be plunged back into poverty. I urge you to stand up for the hard-working people of Tennessee, instead of trying to cut their pay.

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