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Stop Rep. Pridemore's Arizona-like Bill in Wisconsin

 Rep. Pridemore has released a draft of a Bill inspired in the infamous Arizona SB1070!!!


This bill will NOT be effective in addressing any current problems that our state or country suffer for the lack of a working, fair and current immigration reform.

Letter to
State Senator Chris Kapenga
Wisconsin Governor
I wish to express my most energetic objection to your anti-immigrant proposal and respectfully, ask you to stop working on it.

For decades, millions of immigrant families have lived in this country in a very vulnerable position. Despite working hard and paying taxes through wages and sales taxes, they are treated as criminals and have become the scapegoat for all our nation’s problems.

As we saw in Arizona, the debate on immigration reform can only be resolved at the federal level, and any effort to fix the immigration system state by state is a waste of time and money for the residents of Wisconsin.

Basically, your proposal demands that every police officer in Wisconsin ask for immigration documentation from those who are suspected of committing a crime or violation and "look" like undocumented immigrants. This will mean the criminalization of thousands of immigrant families and legalizes the use of race and language to discriminate against hundreds of thousands of families in Wisconsin.

I ask you to abandon your plans to introduce a bill so harmful to the state and its residents, and invite you to have a real dialogue between the concerned parties to find solutions to stop the endless exploitation of millions of undocumented immigrants who work hard in our country.

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