Stop Remaking Old Hindi Songs

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From last 5 years, Hindi Film Industry or Bollywood is remaking/remixing most of the popular old songs from 90s and 2000s. Those songs were composed by the greatest music directors and they were made with immense amount of hardwork and passion.

We understand there is a business running around the whole purpose of remaking/remixing old bollywood songs. That is fair. 
But those songs are deeply connected to our chilldhood and it feels terrible to see an old song being remade like this.
Even many famous actors, singers and music composers have expressed their disappointment about it.

There are millions of new artists who can create amazing songs and compositions. You can give them a chance and bring us great new music. 

We request all the major music labels and music composers, please do not remake those beautiful songs. 
We are tired of it.

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