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Stop Religious Persecution and Human Rights Violation Sponsored by Harvard

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Those who sponsor modern day 'witchhunts' and related 'educational' conferences to disseminate this information are abusers of human rights in disguise. While we recognize that as every citizen of the United States they have First Amendment rights as to fredom of speech, we feel that the bigotry, hatred and suggested violence historically attibuted to this group supercedes that right by the  featured speakers at the Social Transformation Conference sponsored by the International Coalition of Apostles  against Pagans and other non-Christian religious traditions, the GLBTQ community and "Others" This type of hate-moungering should not be tolerated in an enlightened age. It is a violation of common decency that such a conference by the  International Coalition of Apostles,is being hosted by Harvard University, which is putting its future enrollment and governmental/public funding at risk by doing so. The message of this group and this conference in particular reflects the type of worldwide discrimination against human rights and violence seen in the news daily against men,women and children accused of superstitious negativity associated with witchcraft.  We object to this intentionally malicious slandering of the religious traditions of those who  participate in non-Abrahamic practice and choose to identify with a modern and logical definition of witchcraft as an earth-centered faith tradition.

Harvard, long held as an institution of exceptional higher learning, is in effect sanctioning the abuse of human rights in providing this group meeting space.

As citizens and practioners of alternative and  non- Abrahamic religions, we are outraged that Harvard has lent it's name to the sponsorship of the Social Transformation Conference held by International Coalition of Apostles on it's campus. In our opinion, Harvard University has accepted rental fee which amounts to bloodmoney , and has sold out  the American idea of diversity and freedom of religion-which mean ALL religions.

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